Smiley Face Pens (Set of 5)

Smiley Face Pens (Set of 5)

Item #: SS-12797



Product Details

Our new set of Smiley Face pens is like an adorable little family that you'll want to take home! There's enough to share with family and friends, but it may be hard to give up even a single one!

Each colorful pen has a smiley face head that you click to extend and retract the pen point. And check out those pocket clip ties! What a wild bunch of dressers!The set includes 5 ballpoint pens of various colors. The colors may vary from those shown above.

Plastic barrel construction. Black ink cartridges may be replaced when empty. Length is 5 1/2"

A bright and smiley set of pens for your office desk,school, home, or purse, or for a terrific gift for afavorite friend. Buy yours now!