Glass Mini (Bag of 12)

Glass Mini (Bag of 12)

Item #: WLGMI



Product Details

12 of the Winelight Glass Minis - WLGMI Vintage Concepts created the Winelight®, a ceramic, glass, marble, or metal “cork” with a cotton wick that turns any glass bottle into an oil lamp. The Winelight® is a fun and unique way to preserve that special bottle from a happy occasion, create a fun decoration, or to re-purpose bottles into useful items. Simply fill the bottle with lamp oil, place the wick into the oil, and light. Useful as both a conversation piece and for casting a warm glow to provide hours of enjoyment long after the wine is gone.

We also offer a series of glass chimneys, Flame Protectors, which allow you to enjoy your Winelight® oil lamp in areas where there is a breeze or draft. These beautiful glass Flame Protectors come in a variety of colors and designs to accent any bottle and let the customer design a special atmosphere.

Fiberglass Wick is 6” long and fits bottles with an opening diameter from 1/4" to 1/2"