Tube Lamp - 2 Piece

Tube Lamp - 2 Piece

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Turn a wine bottle into an attractive oil lamp and conserve the use of oil with our Winelight Tube Lamp 2 piece set. Use the marble insert with 12 inch long cotton wick and glass tube which holds the lamp oil to turn a wine bottle into an attractive and mood-setting oil lamp. Included is a tube to insert into the bottle which will reduce the amount of lamp oil needed to light the wick – no need to fill the entire bottle with lamp oil. Simply fill the tube with lamp oil, insert the wick, and then top off with the glass flame protector.

The Tube Lamp fits bottles with a standard sized opening (5/8" to 3/4"). The Tube Lamp consists of a glass tube that goes into the bottle (it holds approximately 2.5 fluid ounces of lamp oil) and a natural marble Winelight. The Winelight fits in the glass tube and allows you to use the tube in a bottle that already has contents, example: imported olive oil (The two oils will never mix so you can still use the olive oil and it makes a great kitchen oil candle), in bottles with sand paintings, or just in a bottle that you do not want to fill completely with oil. The tube can also be pushed into Floral Foam and become part of a floral arrangement. The tube lamp will burn approximately 5 hours before it needs to be refilled.